B.E. in Electronics and Communications

The Electronics and Communication Engineering is a wing of engineering that deals with the effects and behavior of electrons to develop system, device, components or equipments, integrated circuits that use electricity as the driving force. It also includes instrumentation engineering, telecommunication, semiconductor circuit design and power engineering. Electronics engineering has a major role in improving productivity in industries like oil, energy and agriculture. In steel, petroleum and chemical industries it is the electronic devices that direct, control and test production processes. Health care industry depends on electronic instruments to perform chemical tests and to check body functions.

The Analog Electronics Laboratory, Logic Design Laboratory, Microcontrollers Laboratory, HDL Laboratory, DSP Laboratory, Analog Communication Laboratory and the Research Laboratory have been developed with a contemporary design. The department's experienced and devoted faculty brings out the best in the student folk.

B.E Toppers

USN Name of the Student Percentage (%)
2016 B.E. (I Sem)
1VJ15EC002 Basana Gouda 198/8.25SGP
1VJ15EC006 Naveen Kumar J 190/7.92SGP
2016 B.E. (III Sem)
1VJ14EC020 Srilakshmi S 74.55%
1VJ14EC017 Prajwal Ashwin Cutinha 72.66%
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2016 B.E. (V Sem)
1VJ13EC034 Zaiba Sultana R 74.33%
1VJ13EC014 Kusuma S Salanke 71.88%
2016 B.E. (VII Sem)
1VJ12EC020 Mohammed Umarulla 76.11%
1VJ13EC023 Prathiba K. N 74.66%
2015 B.E. (VI Sem)
1VJ13EC034 Zaiba Sultana R 78.11%
1VJ13EC023 Sahana V 70.22%
2015 B.E. (VI Sem)
1VJ12EC020 Mohammed Umarulla 75.22%
1VJ13EC023 Prathiba K. N 71.77%
2015 B.E. (VIII Sem)
1VJ11EC007 Bharagavi B C 80.26%
1VJ11EC027 Thejas B H 79.86
2015 B.E (III Sem)
1VJ13EC034 Zaiba Sultana R 76.55%
1VJ13EC033 Yeshwanth B 74.33%
2015 B.E (V Sem)
1VJ13EC023 Prathiba K. N 69%
1VJ12EC020 Mohammed Umarulla 68.88%
2015 B.E (VII Sem)
1VJ11EC021 Ranjitha S 77.88%
1VJ11EC010 Jovita J 76%
2014 B.E(IV)
1VJ13EC023 Prathiba K. N 70%
1VJ13EC024 Ramkumar 68%
2014 B.E (VI Sem)
1VJ11EC021 Ranjitha S 71.88%
1VJ11EC026 Swapna C S 70.55%
2014 B.E (VIII Sem)
1VJ10EC012 Roopa K R 85.4%
1VJ10EC009 Nitin Samuel 83.2%
2014 B.E (III) Sem
1VJ12EC006 Anjali B S 76.77%
1VJ12EC007 Anup Kumar 74%
2014 B.E (V) Sem
1VJ11EC027 Thejas B H 75.88%
1VJ11EC021 Ranjitha S 74.66%
2014 B.E (VII) Sem
1VJ10EC006 Kusuma N 74.22%
1VJ10EC012 Roopa K R 73.33%
2013 B.E(IV)
1VJ11EC021 Ranjitha S 74.20%
1VJ11EC027 Thejas B H 73.1%
2013 B.E (VI Sem)
1VJ10EC012 Roopa K R 71.2%
1VJ10EC009 Nitin Samuel 69.30%
2013 B.E (VIII Sem)
1VJ09EC043 Suhas 83.06%
1VJ09EC048 Y SomaSai Charitha 82.26%