B.E. in Mechanical Engineering

The Mechanical Engineering is concerned with the Production transmission and use of mechanical power and heat; it is the largest branch of Engineering. It is concerned with design, operation and maintenance of machines, their components, machine tools, manufacturing systems and processes and Industrial Engineering. Mechanical engineers are the highest employed engineers worldwide, it is called the evergreen engineering branch.

The Department has one of the finest Mechanical workshops and laboratories among the Engineering colleges in Bangalore, the laboratories setup are the Metallography and Material testing Laboratory, Mechanical Measurements and Metrology laboratory, Foundry and Forging Laboratory, Machine Shop, Fluid Mechanics and Machines Laboratory, Energy Conversion Engineering Laboratory, Heat & Mass Transfer Laboratory and Computer Aided Modeling and Analysis Laboratory. The department has a 1000 KN(100 Ton) Krystal Universal Material Testing Machine which only few Engineering colleges in Bangalore possess. The Machine Shop is equipped with the excellent HIMAC-Lx 175 All Geared Head Lathe Machines, Milling and Shaping machines from Mac Power Industries. The Department encourages students to present technical papers at Conferences.

B.E Toppers

USN Name of the Student Percentage(%)
2016 B.E. (III Sem)
1VJ14ME041 Vikaram M L 75%
1VJ14ME005 Bapidhar 73.44%
2016 B.E. (V Sem)
1VJ13ME022 Kishor Gowda1 66.66%
1VJ14ME400 Arfaz M Mirjankar 63.77%
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2016 B.E. (VII Sem)
1VJ12ME011 Bindushree S 77.8%
1VJ12ME002 Akarsh S D 76.1%
2015 B.E.
1VJ11ME045 Sanjeeth J 79.86%
1VJ11ME058 Venugopal 79.20%
1VJ11ME032 MD Kashif 78.8%
2014 B.E.
1VJ10ME004 Anirban das 82.9%
1VJ10ME023 Pavan V Kulkarni 82.4%
1VJ10ME040 Syed zeeshan pasha 82.3%
2013 B.E.
1VJ09ME022 M Suheb 81.3%
1VJ09ME050 Somanathan 80.6%
1VJ09ME008 Chirag Arora 79.5%