Department of Basic Science & Humanities

The department of Basic Science & Humanities is highly focused on imparting quality education to meet the global challenges of science and technology. The department plays a vital role in laying the strongest foundation, so that the students are well equipped to stand up to higher education.

The department comprises of faculty members from various disciplines such as Mathematics , Physics, Chemistry and Humanities. The humanities faculty impart language training (English and Kannada) and training in soft skills. The Department also imparts knowledge on subjects like Environmental studies and constitution of India and professional ethics to the undergraduate engineering students which is a part of VTU curriculum.

Basic Sciences describes the most basic objects, forces, relations between them and laws governing them. All Engineering branches have evolved from these basic principles, the branches of physics, chemistry and mathematics from an important base in understanding the larger concepts and theories of the various Engineering branches. The Department workshops and labs are geared to handle all requirements of the first year .The Department of mathematics has one of the best results among the VTU colleges in Bangalore

The department of Mathematics also conducts courses in Discrete Mathematical Structures, Graph Theory & Combinatorics and advanced mathematics for diploma students.

Students requiring extra help are identified and special remedial classes are conducted for them to enable them to perform well. With sincere efforts of the team, the department has been consistently obtaining excellent results.


Making Engineers to develop the mathematical & scientific thinking and applying it to solve complex engineering problems, designing mathematical modeling for systems involving global level technology.


  • Encouraging inquisitiveness in a student throughout so that he would be able to understand the fundamentals of technology
  • Informing the student with the latest development in science so that he can exploit it for development of technology.
  • Imbibing the idea that understanding of an atom is very essential to understand the universe to the students.
  • Instigating the "research" in a student so that he could be an innovator or discoverer of tomorrow.

Department Faculty

Sl. No. Name of Faculty Educational Qualification Specialization Email Id

Chandu S

M.Sc., (Ph.D.)


N.Sivasankara Reddy

M.Sc., (Ph.D.)


Lokesh M R

M.Sc., (Ph.D.) Chemistry

Dr. Syed Asifulla

M.Sc., Ph.D. Mathematics

Padmavathi Desai

M.Sc. Mathematics

Geetha C

M.Sc. Physics

Geetha G

M.Sc. Mathematics

Shrivatsa Ram Joshi

M.Sc. Mathematics


M.A. Kannada

Department News & Highlights

  • Hem Chandra Aryal secured 96 out of 100 in Maths - I
  • Zaiba Sultana R Secured 91 out Of 100 in Maths - II
  • Swapna C S Secured 90 out of 100 in Maths - III
  • Dipendra Kumar Mandal Secured 93 out of 100 in Maths - III
  • Gayathri NSecured 92 out of 100 in Maths - IV
  • Shambu Kumar Mandal, diploma student secured 99 out of 100 in I semester Mathematics.


The Basic Sciences Department has laboratories under the departments of Physics & Chemistry which are state of the art & are equipped with the latest equipments

Research Publications

Click here for details of papers published by faculty
Sl.No. Faculty Name Type of Publication Title of Publication Name of Journal Issue
1 Mr. Lokesh M R International Synthesis and characterization of novel benzothiophene substituted oxadiazole derivatives and their antimicrobial activity. Der Pharma Chemica, Vol. 7, Issue 12, 2015
International DNA binding, In silico Docking and In vitro biological screening of some transition metal complexes of Schiff base ligand as potential blockers of cancer causing receptors International Journal of ChemTech Research Vol.6, No.1, Jan-March 2014
International Synthesis, molecular docking, DNA binding and biological evaluation of Schiff base transition metal complexes Der Pharma Chemica, Vol. 6, Issue 6, 2014
International DNA Binding and Cleavage Studies of Cobalt Complexes Containing Bioactive Mixed Ligands STM Journals 2014
International Synthesis of new biphenyl-substituted quinoline derivatives, preliminary screening and docking studies Journal of Chemical Science Vol. 126, No. 1, January 2014
2 Mr. N.Sivasankara Reddy International EPR and optical properties of zinc-ortho and pyro phosphate glasses doped with vanadylions. Journal of Alloys and Compounds, Volume 695, 25 February 2017,
International Microwave synthesized zinc-boro-vanadate glasses: Structural elucidation by employing ultrasonic and MAS NMR studies Advanced Materials Proceedings
International Elastic Property Studies on Sodium-Boro-Vanadate Glasses containing Na2SO4 PARIPRASHNA, Vol. 9, 2015
International Electronic Conductivity Studies on Semiconducting Glasses Synthesized by Microwave Route PARIPRASHNA Vol. 9, 2015
International Thermal, Physical and Infrared Spectroscopic Studies on Glasses PARIPRASHNA Vol. 9, 2015
International Optical Properties of Nd3+ Doped Sodium – Diborate Glasses Containing Heavy Metal Ions International Journal of Luminescence and Applications Vol. 5, 2015
International Optical Properties of Microwave Prepared Glasses Containing Manganese Ions International Journal of Luminescence and Applications Vol. 5, 2015
3 Dr. Syed Asifulla S. International Products and Eccentric digraphs. British Journal of Mathematics & Computer Science, Vol. 4, Issue 6, 2014
International Powers of eccentric digraph of a graph International Journal of Computational and Applied Mathematics Vol. 9, Issue 1, 2014
International On edge - distance and edge - eccentric graph of a graph International Journal of Mathematics And Its Applications, Vol. 9, Issue 3, 2014
International Planarity of eccentric digraph of graphs Journal of Combinatorics, Information & System Sciences Vol. 39, Issue 1, 2014
International Eccentric Coloring of a Graph Journal of Mathematics Research Vol. 7, Issue 1, 2015
International Generalized Vertex Induced Connected Subsets of a Graphs International J. Math. Combin. Vol. 2, 2015
International On - connectivity of some product graphs Notes on Number Theory and Discrete Mathematics Vol. 21, Issue 2, 2015